EVONEX is a network which was founded to collect and share knowledge. It is a network which operates locally and is connected internationally.

Rooting in an international network and common spirit, it has emerged from the common idea of its founders to gather and sustain knowledge.

While the website functions as an address, the platforms where the data is saved and developed may change.

The organisation is open and welcoming to all those who share its values.


In order to ensure a certain base on which actions can be founded and decisions explained, the following code has been developed.

  1. EVONEX is a network for the collection, evaluation, development and sharing of knowledge. Its members are united by the passions and values they share.
  2. As a result of the common initiative of the founders, this network has been formed.
  3. The network supports and promotes the values of personal and general evolution through holistic reflections and conclusions.
  4. Freedom and constructivity are among the qualities that EVONEX lives by.
  5. All its efforts are geared towards enhacing its values and making them future-fit.
  6. The organisation is run by the head admin and the board.




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